Tropical Lodge


Boys & Girls Club


Somerset Recreation Center

The Brooks & Freund Effect

From an exclusive clubhouse in a gated golf community, to an inner city Boys & Girls Club, Brooks and Freund knows that form may follow function, but great design is mandatory. One of the most diverse categories in our portfolio, the Clubs and Recreational Facilities we’ve built have taught us agility and adaptability in scope, timeline and constituent base.

Whether in terms of construct-ability or value engineering, you will benefit from our knowledge as we turn obstacles into opportunities.

  • Cypress Trails RV Resort
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Sanctuary Clubhouse
  • Somerset Recreation Center
  • Tropical Lodge
  • Stonebridge Country Club

Brooks and Freund is proud of the work we’ve done to become the company that we are today.

We’re also proud to be named on Business Observer’s annual ranking of the top 50 contractors, from Tampa Bay to Naples. We do everything in our power to maintain our respected reputation.


Featured Project

Stonebridge Clubhouse

As 20 years of partnership with the region’s top designers and commercial clients will attest, Brooks & Freund is both an experienced builder and innovative collaborator. We brought the managerial acumen, carpentry chops, and subcontractor relationships necessary to create this unique clubhouse.


Featured Project

Cypress Trails RV Resort

Featured Project

Sanctuary Clubhouse